celtae:lloer tywyll



April 13 on Draig Goch am Tir

This was the time that marked the first performance from the CELTAE series on property purchased specifically for the performance activities scheduled to be in Oklahoma.

The CELTAE series embraces the paradox housed in the oppositional juxtaposition of the contemporary magic of change and the ancient magic of change. The 30 acre tract of trees, water and red clay/sandstones, also holds an anomaly and paradox of juxtapositions. An enchanted and most beautiful corner of the property, immediately dubbed the “Magic Spot”, is in the shadow of a noisy natural gas compressing pump that pushes this product of Nature to the distributing points of an energy hungry society. 

It was so strange to find a setting emanating such strong “vibrations” of Nature, a “Power Spot” that can speak to even the most deaf and cynical end user of Nature’s gifts. And how even more interesting and enticing to discover the pump, a working symbol of the client “overlord”.

And so these 30 acres became the “touch stone” of the overlaying of the antipodal, the mixing of the past and present…in Oklahoma…a portal, connecting separate views of times past and present.

I continued with the Ciwb (cube), the balloon and black powder. I set up the cubical frame to sight the moon’s position as it rose over the trees. The moon was full.

I had chosen a black weather balloon, in opposition to the actual moon’s phase and visual value. But, as it turned out, clouds obscured the actual sighting of the moon. So the choice of black or darkness was appropriate for the occasion.

The procedure required that I assemble the cube with its center portion, a dodecahedron with eight holes drilled for candles to be placed and lighted one by one as each cube was celebrated over the eight years. And then the tethered balloon was to be attended.

The balloon was helium filled, secured to a central point within one side of the “Magic Spot’. The strategy called for it to be set free with a blast of gunpowder. All went as planned, but, the blast nearly got me.