celtae:lloer trosglwyddo



Solstice in 1999


In 2000

The year of not…or nothing. Even though works were done, the event at the 1999 solstice was so powerful it over shadowed anything that happened in 2000.

Everyone was asinine about the “New Millennium”, a rather relative thought to a man made event of so very long ago. Besides, another way to look upon it was that the year 2000 heralded the closing of the twentieth century, not the beginning of the twenty-first century. So I decided to dedicate the LUNAR AND SOLAR event to the year 2000. The thinking being, that as I approached the reflection or the mirror of the Red Dragon (1983, Gors Fawr) the reflection from that December event was so powerful and so close to the Solar year 2000, that it deserved to encompass all of the year.

The peoples of the world were so caught up in the New Millennium, the first year of the new century; worrying about their precious computers crashing, airplanes falling out of the sky and power plants shutting down, etc, ad nauseam.  When in fact, the year 2000 heralded the final year of the century, and the year 2001 had the honor of being the first year of the new millennium. Definitely an over inflated period of time.

And so it was that a 1999 event came to be “celebrated” in the year 2000.

The Event

The event began with the full moon rising. A moon that was at perigee and was to be 15% brighter than any full moon was to be for the next 350 years. Coupled with this full moon was the sun at its farthest position to the south. As it is with the position of a full moon and the sun, the rising of the moon is very close to the setting of the sun. Both astral phenomena were marked with fires.

The night was clear and crispy cold. As the moon climbed into the sky it became so bright that it was possible to easily read by its light.

The actual full moon took place early into the morning, and was marked by the lighting of a fire. The position of the moon was in perfect alignment to the moon’s rising and the sun’s setting.