celtae:lloer tan



June 21, 1991

Located on the thirty acres called Draig Goch am Tir

This celebration was not only the waxing quarter moon of fire, but in observance of the Midsummer Solstice. The three poles that eventually came together and were hung from ceilings later, originally were a tripod made of two oak poles and one hickory.  They were painted blue, white, red and some black.

The images that represent this event are after the poles were painted white and a four-sided pyramid was attached to them. As with this prop and others, they were recycled or reused with alterations in other events or performance works.

The actual ceremonial ritual was executed in private. Trees in planters were placed at each corner and a very small fire was made in the center. All in all the performance portion of the work took 7 or 8 minutes.