celtae:lloer machlud



The first in the inner series of the Ciwb…

A one megalithic yard cube made from Alder wood and used as a sighting tool for the moon. There were to be eight cubes constructed, one per year of the eight years. Upon termination of the inner-series, the eighth year, there was to be constructed a hypercube.

This event happened back in New Mexico, in the corner of the section that the Cryban has been built in anticipation of the y Drych of 2002.

Three sightings were to be made on March 23rd starting in the dark of the predawn; Haley’s comet, the setting of the moon and the sunrise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (the Dragon’s back).

The early spring air at 7,000 feet was extraordinarily still, cold and clear. Each sighting was marked by colored rope and those markings left to the workings of the high desert’s slow absorption of foreign elements. (the evidence of the ropes, rocks and diggings is still present today and is the promenade for the procession entrance to the Y Drych ceremony on July 24, 2002.)