celtae:lloer llawn



January 26, 1990

Located at Ft Gibson Lake, Wagoner, Oklahoma

In celebration of the Imbolc and in concert with the CELTAE series, this performance work involved a group of non-artists. They were instructed to bring certain items of dress, accoutrements (talismans) and an open mind. The talismans were to be sticks or cudgels, approximately 7 feet in length.

Before the arrival of the men, a pit was prepared and a ceremonial fire starter was placed in proximity of the pit. The fire starter was a configuration of two posts and a cross member that could be rotated rapidly by a bow device. In times past this would have created the friction needed to ignite some flammable substance located close to the post and cross member. In this scenario it was strictly a placebo.

After much discussion, including the past importance of the Imbolc to the Celts and how the talismans were to be used the entire group proceeded to the site, where the ceremony was begun and concluded.

Included in the site was a wooden structure where a canvas was hung. Designs were made into and onto the ground to guide the participants in their actions. Onto the canvass symbols and icons were drawn. With a particular signal, a designated group entered into the canvassed space and buried certain “artifacts.”

The canvass was then struck and taken away