celtae:lloers glas



May s1, 15 & 31, 1988

Three locations: the third being at Draig Goch am Tir

What has only been implied, but not spoken to directly is the fecundity of these performances. All agrarians know that fertility of the soil and a balance of sunshine and moisture is paramount to the successful growing of crops, leading to the harvest, which in turn, would determine the survival of the family unit, clan and tribe. The fertility and the successful conception of the female were of equal importance for life’s successful cycle.

So, it is of no surprise that in this month of May, the time of Beltane, and on the “Blue Moon,” the second full moon, that the conception of two of the participants should take place.

May 1st, an installation inside the old Mayo building was established and the beginning of the triage was begun. A white ground cloth, painted with Rune signs was laid onto the old floor of the Mayo. Hung from the ceiling were “Beaver Points”, ends of logs that had been cut by beaver taken from the newly acquired property, “Draig Goch am Tir”, the Land of the Red Dragon. This is the 30 acres purchased for the sole purpose of continuing my CELTAE performance series in Oklahoma. [Refer to the 1987 work LLOER TWYYLL ]

May 15th, the ides of May, was the performance work at the Mayo. Dressed in black and “blind” I “danced” the circle, lighting the candles of the beaver points as directed by the Runes. The shuffle of the stones and the picking of the configuration was done prior to lighting of the candles. Strangely, the rune signs revealed indicated the highest of fecundity.

May 31st found me and an entourage of participants at Draig Goch am Tir, including a mother with her 4 month old child. We traveled to the “magic spot”, where in the women were invited to seek the east side of ravine and the men the west. Art works or personal items of the participants were to be buried with great ceremony. Fires were lighted. Items were buried. Items were burned. Ceremonies ended.

It began to rain…not hard; gentle, but steady.

We loaded everyone into the truck and began the journey back to the main campsite on the north side of the dam. The rain abated and as we crossed the dam fifty-thousand fire flies began their dance in the woods and over the surface of the pond. Everyone was silent and in awe of the spectacle. It was truly a magic moment, as time stood still and the ‘fairies of the woods” waltzed above the mirrored surface of the pond.

Joseph and Cody were conceived that night to be born February 13th and 14th, 1989, respectively.