celtae: lloer gaeafol



March 11, 1994

In the dark of the moon, using one of the CIWB from the inner series (now complete), I traveled to Mt Berry Georgia and the Berry College Art Department at the request of Dr. Thomas J. Mew, III.

Once there, I explained to the students that expressed interest in the project what I needed from them, and what part they were to play in the performance work. There was to be a ““Fire Starter”” and a ““Priestess”” to help the dark moon wax into the new moon and another cycle. There was to be a procession, as I maintained the ABA system of dealing with the performance works. Those that were to participate as active observers (no one is allowed to be a passive spectator) were told that they must create an instrument of sound for the B portion. They were also asked to wear green clothing. The “Fire Starter” was to wear white, as was the “Priestess”…I remained in Black and White, a Fluxus tradition. Further, I saw it as the podal and anti-podal; the color of no color.

In preparation, a fire pit was dug and a structure mirroring the top of the “hyper-cube” was built from the wood of Aspen (latias) and of Alder  (the cube). The Aspen was approximately three megalithic yards in length and the cube was a cubed megalithic yard.

The procession began, as the sky grew dark. [Berry is a heavily wooded environs and when the sun set the woods become dark rapidly] A slow and long line slowly meandered into the performance area and as the students encircled the pit the “Fire Starter” ignited the fire giving us light. The cube was carried from the side installation to the fire and set so as to encompass the flames, but not touch the active fire. After the sound portion, the cube was removed from the fire pit and ceremoniously re-placed at the installation site.

The “Priestess” was then offered the edge of the cloak that I wore and we then proceeded to acquire the rest of the participants. Each person was asked ( by prearranged signals) to place their hand upon the next persons shoulder and slowly proceed out of the performance area.