celtae: lloer du



September 29, 1989

Located at Draig Goch am Tir and at the “Magic Spot”

Located at the site of Lloer Glas, this, the “Magic Spot” was to become as it had been designed…a place designated and dedicated to the site specific ceremonial rituals of the CELTAE.

This fire was to be set on the “male” side and opposite of the marked fire areas for the solstices. It was at a time of the “dark of the moon,” and not in any conjunction of sun or Celtic seasonal cycle. The closes association to an ancient celebration would be the “Need Fire” or “Wild fire.” However, the ritual of such a fire was not followed.

The coming of the new moon was symbolized by the presence of five young boys. Dafydd, Joe and Liam are of my clan, Bran O’ Tamlin. My close friend Charlie Johnson’s two boys, John and Ben, were the other boys present and taking part in the ceremony. Charlie is responsible for the images of this work.

The fire spot was chosen and the boys brought wood to the spot. As the sun set and the twilight heralded the “in-between time,” the fire was slow to catch. There was much smoke and as it moved directionless I played with it, moving it at will to and fro. Finally Ben said, “jeez, I’m glad you’re not my dad.” I am not sure what he meant by that.

The boys had a simple sacrifice for the fire, which after being placed into the fire was consumed as the flames became more aggressive and the smoke disappeared. Finally, the fire settled down to burn straight up in a cone of orange and yellow.