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June 2001

Located on the Carson Mesa

Carson, NM

With all three of my boys on the Mesa, I began the preparations for the final performance installation of the CELTAE. I hired two backhoe operators to form the mound upon and around which the 2002 celebration would take place.

The mound was scraped out from the desert floor at the diameter of 40 megalithic yards, which is a little over 40 yards. The desert on the mesa is peppered with sagebrush, so as the mound took shape we stacked the sage into the middle of the dirt so as form a greater height than could have been possible with just the soil. An added effect will be that in the future the sage will begin to decompose. This will allow for the center of the mound to slowly sink, as if being drawn back into the bowels of the earth from whence it came.

I also planned for the earth to erode. However, the winter produced but one inch of snow, so there was little to no erosion. ..much to my  joy upon arriving in 2002.