celtae:lloer cerrig o’fflam



-a three part site specific installation

….performed on March15th, March 17th and  March 20th at 6:30pm, 6:55pm and 4:25am respectfully…

This was the second in the CELTAE series and I was still grappling with the notion that due to my physical disabilities I would have to rely upon others more than I had ever done with my past works.

Consequently, I utilized my Foundations class at the University of Tulsa to assist in the installations and performance of two of the three designated times.

The first evening was a time for each of these student participants to put forth their efforts of individually conceived actions within their previously designated areas. These areas, on a large tract of land, had been chosen by them and artfully prepared by them. They were to follow the instructions and the limitations placed upon them by the design of the total work. Explanations of the importance of the early Celtic interest in the “Earth Mother” and the “Father sky” were imparted to them. They were asked to personalize these notions and to try and incorporate them into installations. The installation sites were to be the “stage” of their ritualized performance works.

-First they were to explore the designated area and find a “spot” with which they were comfortable. Having found it, they were instructed to “prepare” it, making it theirs. They could bring what ever they wanted from the outside; found objects, personal items and /or art object especially made for this project.

-The evening of the 15th they were to “perform” their own “fire ritual” at their site.

-On the evening of the 17th, as the moon waxed toward lighted completeness, all participated in a balloon release as a reading of Dylan Thomas boomed out over the darkening site.

-The final act was on the 20th at the exact moment of the full moon, 4:25am. That time was reserved for me, my thoughts, and my personal measures.