celtae: lloer braich goch



October, 1993

-an installation performance work completing the inner series of the


This work completed the CIWB series housed within the CELTAE-LLOER GOCH AP LLOER GLAS CIWB and was performed on the occasion of a Living Arts event, entitled “DREAMWORKS”. The work was done in three parts over a three-hour period, while other events went on around it…similar to the ciwb inside the larger CELTAE rubric.

Hour one. Black and white squares of plastic and cloth were placed on the floor in a three by three grid. Random X’s and O’s had been drawn on some of the squares. Ceramic pots with soil were also randomly placed along the perimeter of the grid. Scattered around the grid were eight megalithic yard cubes. A cardboard box, within which was a black chair sat waiting for its part in the saga.

Dressed in black pants, white shirt and black hat with a white cloth blinding me, I wonder onto the grid methodically moving cubes, avoiding the pots and generally laboring over the blind placement of the objects with which I come in contact. The chair is removed from the crate and placed within a cube that had been placed on the center square.

Hour two. I entered onto the grid with a white gas mask on my head and a black cloak around my shoulders. I slowly made my way to the chair within the cube. I stood before it for a painfully long period. Then I climbed into the cube and sat in the chair. There I remained…silent and staring into space.

Hour three. Suddenly, three people entered onto the grid picking up the cubes and stacking them on top of one another. Each cube was duct-taped to the other, finally forming a “hyper-cube, ” towering above me four mega-lithic yards high. There I remained for the remaining portion of the hour.