celtae:lloer braich



June 21, 1992

Located at Draig Goch am Tir

I continued to use the thirty acres that had been purchased in 1986 for the purpose of doing performance works as well as other art works. Once again I picked the solstice, but this time the moon was a waxing quarter. And as it was in 1991 so it was in 1992, I chose to do a private work on the Draig Goch am Tir.

Leading up to that moment was a full installation of white painted branches  This wood had been picked up from the Draig Goch am Tir and brought to the Tulsa Contemporary Art building. There it was painted and a room was prepared for the installation. Hundreds of yards of black plastic were hung in a room, creating a room within a room. Inside the room there one light, a large crème colored weather balloon and the tripod from 1991.

The intent of the black room was to create the feeling of a sacred place of contemplation and meditation. The entrance way was purposefully made small so as to ensure that adults would have to bow their heads or even crawl into the installation.

When the event was over and brought to a close, as this was the final showing at the center, which was closing its doors, all of the limbs were loaded into my truck and transported to Draig Goch am Tir. A portion of the white wood was brought to the “Magic Spot” and a teepee like construction was made. At the precise time of the sun’s setting the fire was lighted.