celtae: lloer amryfal




Four separate performance/installations

Holland hall, Tulsa (September)

Forum: Gütersloh, Germany (October)

Alexandre Hogue Gallery, (November)

University of Arkansas (December)

The opportunity presented itself to do works in different locations, including Germany. So I devised the multiple-moon notion and played off of the word “Holland” in the Holland Hall location. (Holland being in close proximity to Germany as is Arkansas to Oklahoma.) all of the work took place from September through December.

The Holland Hall, Hogue Gallery and the gallery at the University of Arkansas were all exhibitions that required me to do separate installations. The exhibition at Gütersloh also included a workshop and performance work. The exhibition had prints from other efforts within the CELTAE.

I utilized the German students, asking them to help me in the preparation and in the actual performance. It was interesting to note that they were to be tied together by a rope and because of the burning of the effigy, a stick-man, they untied themselves in fear of the heat and flame.

The stick-man was a reflection of the steel sculpture figure that I used in the Holland Hall installation. In both works I placed the effigy in the center of a designated area. Both really had a great deal to do with fire…the alloy steel has to be formed with fire and the steel design was fabricated out of welded car bumpers.